XLabs - S1X & IW6X Movie Mods

XLabs is a group of modders creating clients based on Call of Duty series, with the aim of restoring missing features and adding new features to the games. They’ve created clients for Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2, Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare. With open modding access, I created movie-making mods for each of these games since Theatre Mode isn’t included in them. With no theater mode tools, video editors can’t capture the game or create interesting cinematic shots.

Treyarch has a history of publishing COD titles with a Theater Mode, allowing video editors to capture footage with a variety of tools. Infinity Ward on the other hand doesn’t give video editors any tools to capture footage in an interesting way. Modern Warfare 3 shipped with a Theater Mode however no dolly cam was added.

Since I’ve released these tools, the projects have updated and my tools have stopped working. I no longer have time to maintain these projects. A huge thank-you to bradstv, who offered to update these projects so they continue working. Check out bradstv on Twitter.

S1x Movie Mod
IW6X Movie Mod