Vagex 777 Shoulder Bag

MI recently worked with Vagex to make a small shoulder bag, here’s how it was done.

How it was done

This bag was made with Black and Paisley Floral Red cotton fabric. Everything except the straps has a red exterior and black lined interior. The bag features two internal pockets and two external velcro pouches with 777 cotton patchwork.

I eyeballed some initial measurements from pictures I took of a small shoulder bag as a base and built a very barebones bag with no pockets or accessories. That turned out decent but I made some adjustments to the measurements and wanted to add more flare.

I started out with those measurements and the rest of the features came sporadically without any planning.

There were a lot of firsts for me on this project: first shoulderbag, first time incorporating velcro, making cargo pouch-pockets, first time using buckles and adjustable straps, and the first time making custom patchwork.