AlKaT - Never Good Enough

2 years ago AlKaT released Never Good Enough Ft. Daisy, a dark electronic track conveying the idea that no matter what you do, you’re never good enough. I tried to capture that feeling with a moody cityscape featuring a drone tracking the character’s movements.

This music video was a fun challenge that marks the first of many 3D animated music videos I’ll be making. The idea is to loop short animated scenes together as a visual incentive to listen to the music. This project spanned across 5 days, here’s my insight.


The drone idea was inspired by the drone cameras in Rocket League following the movement of the ball as the matches play out. I knew that was possible in Cinema4D with the target tag and used it as an excuse to develop an entire video.

Most of the work for the visuals was done in After Effects, the scene in Cinema4D is pretty simple. The scene is low poly and rendered with Cel materials for a flat look. I think the visuals turned out great, the fast render time of cel shading outweighs my preference for ambient occlusion. I’ve got several ideas saved for future music videos that will utilize this format, I’m psyched to turn my friends’ music into visuals.