Character Rigs

A deeper dive of character rigging from my earlier post, here are a few more advanced examples of character rigs I’ve created recently.

The run cycle was achieved by centering a circle with the lower body and parenting each foot on opposite sides of the circle. I rototated the circle, resulting in the feet rotating. It’s an easy setup, similar to the older bicycle rig I’ve done.

The skateboarder rig was animated by blocking out key movements with a real skateboarder as a reference, then refining motion by easing keyframes and playing with the motion curves.

My part of the first r/AfterEffects collaboration. An astronaut shown at the end of my part of group B.

My part for the second r/AfterEffects collaboration. One second walkcycle loop, it was a bit of challenge but fun!

My section for the third r/AfterEffects collab, with a rigged elephant walkcycle and expression-driven elephant driver.