Marc Statz - Yes Hello

This is my visual interpretation of Marc Statz’s track “Yes Hello”. I envisioned a relaxing space theme set on a lunar landscape.

The process of making the visuals for this track was a little haphazard. I had an initial idea that I prototyped but proper planning would have made this much smoother. Lesson learned, and I think it turned out great! This project spawned some additional ideas that I want to explore in future videos which is exciting to look forward to.


For a while I’ve had an itch to explore 360 visuals and wanted to make a 360 music video for this project. Unfortunately Sketch and Toon for Cinema4D doesn’t support the 360 camera so I have to hold off for a future project.

The initial pass was a proof of concept trying out the Constraint Tag to parent objects to a surface. The scene camera is actually static, with the planet rotating towards the camera. In hindsight, it would have been easier for compositing additional elements if I kept the planet static and animated the camera revolving around the planet.

The looping scene consists of 6 loopable slices rotated 15 degrees apart set to loop every 30 seconds. Modeling the buildings was a lot of fun, I wanted to continue making more but had to stop at 12 buildings since the scene is fairly simple. With a more realistic renderer and scene scale, I would have been able to showcase more of the buildings’ details. Obviously inspired by the amazing work of Syd Mead.