Motioncollab one

Members of the aftereffects subreddit came together to produce collaborative animation. With no experienced required to participate, each member had 72 hours to complete a 3 second animation, starting where the last member left off.

You can read more about the project and find credits listed on the vimeo page. I’d love to give a huge shoutout to the director and organizer of the project, Eric “Beef Boy” Wilson. It was a really great experience working with people all over the world with different skill levels, taking their vision and transforming it into your own, for the next member to build on and express theirselves.

I’ve heard the next collaboration will have the theme of “Walk Cycle”, giving people an opportunity to explore deeper into character rigging and animation. If you’re interested, stay tuned on the after effects subreddit. The project will start some time next month.


Beef Boy was the mastermind of the project, here’s the reddit thread where he posted his ideas for the project and organized us. In order to maximize efficiencey, we were divided into three groups. Each group was given a still frame to start off of, which would be the last frame of the previous group. Group C’s starting image was the final frame of Group B, and Group B’s starting image was the last frame of group A. Each group was given a DropBox folder to upload their projects file.

I was 2nd in Group A (0:03 - 0:06), transforming Beef Boy’s character into a desert scene. I was 3rd in Group B (0:38 - 0:42), expanding Paul Oom’s solar system into a universe with an asteroid field and huge gas giants. I rigged an astronaut with duik and animated it solely with wiggle expressions.