Walkcycles and Psychedelics

It’s been a while! I’m a little late getting around to posting about these collabs, but I thought I’d provide writeups nonetheless. They were fun projects that might be of benefit to someone if I gave a little insight into them. If you’re unfamiliar with the first collab, check it out here. Regardless of skill level, if you’re interested in participating in the next collab, check out the /r/aftereffects subreddit.

Our second collab was an exploration into character rigging. Each of us had the task of illustrating a character, rigging it up, and animating a second long, 24 frame walk cycle. While it had it’s restrictions, a bunch of creative ideas came out of it and we learned something new regardless of prior experience.

Our third collab was a music video for Tame Impala’s “Elephant”. As they’re a psychedelic rock band, there was a ton of variety and interesting effects. Each designer had a chance to express their unique style while the project as a whole had a cohesive and smooth feel to it.

Collab 3

You can read more about the project and find credits listed on the vimeo page.

Organized and scheduled by Eric “Beef Boy!” Wilson, we made a lyric video to Tame Impala’s “Elephant” with a limited color palette. As the song title details, elephants were the subject of the music video. We went with the same principal from the first collab: Our work starts at the end of the previous designer, meaning we’ll work with the last frame they left off and transform it into our own. With 22 members divided into 3 groups, each member had 3-4 days to complete their part and we completed the project in 31 days. Take a look at our schedule if you’re interested.

Going off of the Cadillac theme started in the beginning of the video by Beef Boy, I wanted some sort of race between the car and the elephants. The original mockup didn’t have an elephant driving but I thought it’d be fun to animate. It was a fun challenge to constrict us to a limited color palette with a limited time frame, I look forward to the fourth collab we’ve got planned. If you’re interested in joining, refer to the top of the page for information to join. A few of us also started an additional collab for the Chinese Zodiac.

Collab 2

You can read more about the project and find credits listed on the vimeo page.

This collab served as a chance to get more familiar with character rigging and animation. Provided with key poses 24 frames, we each illustrated a character and set it in motion to be timed evenly in the final production.