With forty participants this time around, we present the fourth motioncollab! This one is Quilts, where we divided into nine groups and explored various movie genres. The genres we chose for this collaboration were 80s Action Movies, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Romantic-Comedy, Superhero, Science-Fiction, and Western. You can read more about the project and find credits listed on the vimeo page. Give the motioncollabs channel a follow as well!

The Details

We worked out of a new Discord server with every genre having their own assigned channels. Big props to Caspar Brown, Laura Porat, Jeremy Mann, and Bent Hillerkus for wrangling forty of us together and keeping it running smoothly. I was a part of the Adventure collab alongside Bent Hillerkus, Handarand, Nils, and UNIQ.

We speculated for a while with a bunch of ideas for our genre. We wanted to tell some sort of story with a main character and progression. It was a challenge to develop something with depth in only 5 second loops, so we stuck with a safe trope of an adventurer hearing of news treasure in an ancient temple on a mysterious deserted island. My group set up a Pinterest Board to gather inspiration and settle into an art style.

My original idea was to design a character walking through a mysterious forest in search of a temple. Due to time constraints on my end I ended animating an arm with a search lamp in a scooby doo-like fashion which is pretty funny. The first past without the lamp was just a few keyframes hooked up an overshoot keyframe which came out perfectly. Then I converted it to keyframes and tweaked it when I added in the lamp.

My scene was painted in photoshop and was a fun learning experience. I got a chance to put my tablet to work and get more comfortable with it. I use it for more than just painting now, it feels more comfortable than using a mouse for extended periods of time since I’m forced to move my entire arm instead of just my wrist.

My only regret is not painting my scene in a higher resolution, I’d love to share each individual tree or bush but they’re pretty low quality. I painted my scene in greyscale and added color with layer styles to have more control.

Here’s the Adventure genre’s standalone 4K video: