Personal Intros

This is a collection of personal intros I’ve created for myself over the years. They were created for editing contests, personal edits, and subscriber milestones.

Layered Style

Layered style intro that would’ve served as the name reveal for the main site page, but was replaced with an html version. —

Showreel Intro

Intro designed for the intro of my showreel.

6,000 Subscriber Contest

When I reached 6,000 subscribers on my main youtube channel, I was going to create an editing contest for those in the videogame editing community. The way these editing contests work is that editors can download the intro, use in their video and submit it to enter the contest. After a set deadline a winner will be chosen and potential prizes will be given to the winners. Viewers will see the intro and know they participated in the contest, giving the contest host promotion and letting viewers know they too could enter the contest. It’s a bit more complicated than that, there’s a bunch more rules but that’s the gist of it. Creating this intro was as far as I got with this editing contest that never was.

T3C Slykuiper 2016

This was a one-off intro created specifically for my edit Kingdom. I submitted this edit to T3C™, a community editing channel. One of the requirements for submitting your video to the channel is to include the T3C™ intro in your video. I created a unique, low-fi flower intro to fit with the mood of my edit.

Swoosh Intro

An old intro I mainly used for my Toribash edits.

Starry Intro

An old space themed intro made with 3DS Max and After Effects.

1,000 Subscriber Contest

I was pretty ecstatic when I reached 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. I did a few things to give back to the community, including this contest. Part One was a fragpack for editors who weren’t capable of recording their own footage. Part Two was an editing contest, more information about the rules and results are in the video description. Part Three was another fragpack, this time with more footage with a bit more originality in the clips and cinematics.