I created a set of graphics for a game-modification project called Plutonium. Going with the style of dark, tech inspired visuals. An intro video was designed to be played during the game client’s launch. To create the atomic structure, a “controller” was made out of a series of parented nulls traveling in an elliptic path using expressions. Lights were parented to the outermost nulls and served as emitters for Particular. The text was animated with Saber.

After the intro plays, a series of animated loops play behind the main menu. Four loops were created for some of the major classes including the Juggernaut, SMG class, Assault class, and Sniper class. Each three second loop had to be short in duration in order to play smoothly in the client. A neat trick I’ve found to clean up the smoke assets and reduce banding was to apply CC Vector Blur on the smoke footage, set the Type to Direction Center, and set the Amount to around 50.

A growing collection of wallpapers are also being created for the project.