How Could This Be Wrong - The Glitch Mob (Marc Statz remix)

Marc Statz, a multi-talented artist and friend of mine is serving as my muse for my newest music video. He released his remix of The Glitch Mob - How Could This Be Wrong a month ago and I tried to capture the adventurous explorer mood I got from listening to it. A simple low poly desert scene littered with ancient pylons and a vehicle scouting the area.

This was a quickie but very fun to make. There’s no post production/color correction/effects done in AE unlike the previous video where most of the visuals came from compositing. Rendering was fairly fast because of the low poly cel shaded visuals, at most a frame took 28 seconds but averaged around 8 seconds per frame. From start to finish this scene was made in 2 days, but the total project expands to about a week from playing around with various ideas for visuals before landing on this. I plan on creating visuals for several of Marc’s songs, as well as a few other artists I know.


At first I wanted to make an “epic” scene, where a traveler stood at the edge of a cliff and overlooked a horizon. This was problematic for a few reasons, mainly because there isn’t much I could do with an idle character for 3 minutes besides a few different camera angles. I feel like the ruined desert scene had more potential to tell a story and I got to play more with Cinema4D’s Sketch and Toon renderer.

The landscape is shaped with a few noise shaders layered together for displacement. The pylons are voronoi’d shapes with a Plain effector as the child of the inner orb to transform the shards. The orb has a Vibrate tag to animate the orb’s vertical movement.