Toribash, the turn based ragdoll fighting game developed by Nabi Studios is where I first got into video making. I joined the community in August 2008, and being a kid with lots of free time, played non stop. Although I don’t play much these days, there was a period of time where I was completely obsessed in the game’s community - it’s art, clan system, and market. With over 12,000 games played and 8,000 forum posts, I developed a name for myself. In July 2012 I wrote a post dedicated to learning video editing, and each week I would create a new video until I reached a point where I felt confident with Adobe After Effects. I repeated the same process in early-2013 for motion graphics. It’s been a fun path and I’ve learned a lot from other artists in the community, collaborating on projects and sharing ideas.

Toribash Trailer

Albert Mast and I were approached by Nabi Studios to create a trailer for Toribash’s release on the Steam Greenlight program. I served as motion designer and video editor while Al was the creative director and music producer.

Toribash - Opening Title

An unofficial project where I created an opening video for the game, to be played before the main menu.

Nabi Studios - Toribash

Another fan-made project of mine for Toribash, this time involving the Nabi Studios logo as well as the game characters jumping into frame. Originally intended to be used as an intro for the game client, it was very popular among the community’s video editors to use as a bumper for their videos. It was a way of bringing the community together, it added some flare in front of their videos, making them look more professional and served as a way to market the game to viewers on YouTube.