Tsaik - Pendant Drop

I first got into the experimental duo Tsaik with Ambassadeurs’s remix of Tsaik’s track titled “io”. I really dig their style and went deeper into their releases to find Pendant Drop from their Tea Enfoca EP.

This was a fun video to make and a bit different from the rest. I went with a soft physical render instead of the Sketch and Toon style of previous videos, and learned a bit more about hard-surface modeling.


With several references of a Chevrolet Caprice Estate Wagon, I box modeled this car over the course of a week. Some of the edges are pretty sharp but otherwise I’m happy with the results and modeling this complex is no longer daunting. The doors can swing open and it has an interior, maybe I’ll do another project with it to show off other angles.

The scene setup in After Effects isn’t complex. Jupiter was made with VideoCopilot’s free ORB plugin. I kept it simple with just a diffuse texture from NASA and layer styles for the atmospheric rim light. The comets passing by Jupiter are done with Trapcode Particular, same with the particles traveling across the roadway. The smokey haze is a Fractal Noise layer with CC Vector Blur, this is my goto combination for procedural smoke. I originally wanted to use stock footage but it wouldn’t have the cosmic feel that’s also shown on Jupiter’s surface.

I want to explore making music videos and real-time visuals in Unity. I got into it a few years back when trying to make an FPS game, but had little 3D modeling skills. I think I could get pretty far if I take another stab at it, stay tuned in the near future for a few Unity experiments.